Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back in Austin!!!

So today was our LAST DAY in San Antonio! Since Kavi is doing well, and went to the "Step-Down Unit", we asked if he is stable enough to be transported to St. David's Hospital in Austin, where he was supposed to be born. And they said YES! So, they set all the wheels in motion, and it happened.

Kavi's doing well, he hasn't put on any more weight as of yet, and he has to have a little bicarbonate with his feedings because his kidneys are excreting a little too much carbon dioxide (this is very common in preemies, and nothing really to be concerned about). The bicarbonate should level things out quickly.

So here are some pictures recapping the day's events:
Just hangin out in his blue onesie! (sp?)

On hearing the news that he'll be in Austin today, he was sleeping with a smile! Either that, or he just farted.

Daddy forgot to bring his razor on his constant back and forth trips, and looks like this after 3 days of not shaving! (You'll be hard pressed to ever see me like this, so soak it in! salt-n-peppa beardy-licious!)

Entering into Austin's St. David's Hospital, coming off the ambulance in a remote isolette. He did really well on his very first road trip!

Wheeling on in! A concerned Mommy in the background, multitasking - making sure Kavi is being wheeled okay, and giving Grandma directions on how to get here. And me? Well...someone's gotta document this historic journey!

All the nurses, and everyone who came into contact with Kavi remarked how cute and adorable he is! Get used to it, kid, but don't let it get to your head!

Smiling contently with his new home! Good-bye Spurs, and Hello Longhorns! I know, I know, different leagues. But we artistic types really can't tell the difference. ;)

Oh Yeah! Good to be in Austin! Home sweet home! Let's take off our clothes and party in our diapers! Woo hoo!

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Cassie said...

Look at that crazy hair! Not on your face, but on your son's head. Wild! :)