Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lip Smackin!

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted. Daddy started his new job and got really busy!

But Kavi and Mommy have been walking Daddy to work just about every day this week, because work is only a 20 minute walk from home!

Well, we don't have a scale anymore, so we really don't know how much he weighs. All I know is that my hand starts getting tired after holding him up for a few minutes during bath time! haha

Since I've last blogged, Kavi's been to the mall (Barton Creek). It's funny, now that we have a baby riding around in a stroller, we notice everyone else who has a baby in a stroller too. And, we instantly look at their kid, you know, to, I guess if our baby is cuter. haha I don't know why we must look, but we do!

Kavi also stopped by my Kung-Fu and Tai Chi class and got a chance to meet some of his future trainers!


He's getting hard to hold steadily in our arms to feed:

That's all for now, I'll post some videos later.